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Angel Season One's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Angel Season One

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Alanna! [14 May 2006|01:14pm]

[ mood | predatory ]

George and Rondell had tracked twenty or so vamps to a warehouse. They didn't all live there, but they met there. Some of them did live there, though and those were the ones that were there now. It was night, and there was no doubt in my mind that these vamps would soon be going out to terrorize the neighborhood, only they wouldn't. We had the place surrounded. I didn't know where the other vamps out of the twenty had gone and it didn't make me happy to know that they were probably out hunting for their next kills, but at least we could stop the ones that were here now.

We were strong and had the buildin' surrounded. There were ten of us and as I looked inside, I could tell that there were six vamps inside. There were five males and one female, and they were laughing. I didn't have vamp hearin' or nothin', but I could tell that they were plannin' somethin' and they were talkin' about leavin' soon, but again, that wasn't goin' to happen. Not on my watch, and not on this night.

Carefully, I made my way off of the roof, where I had been spyin' and thankfully, they didn't get wind that I was there, or if they did, they didn't let on about it. It didn't matter, because we were goin' in, and we were goin' in wit the truck. The warehouse doors were big enough that they could be opened and we could drive right in. There seemed to be enough room in the warehouse, too, to drive around and be able to maneuver. The plan was simple. Alana and several in the others in the back of the truck, stayin' there wit bows and arrows, Rondell openin' the door and then hoppin' on the truck as Jason drove in, before George, Rondell and myself took to hand to hand.

The plan was set and minutes later, it was set into motion, as we roared in, the truck makin' loud noises in the warehouse. The vamps got to defcon 5 and George, Rondel and myself charged as a couple of the guys started firin' stakes from the trucks implements, towards the vamps. Two were dusted immediately, leavin' four left. The trunk banked as the three of us charged the vamps. I got into hand in hand wit one, and took one down with a quick jut of my stake into it's heart. I was attacked by anotha one, and fell to the ground, in a wrestlin' match tryin' to keep it's teeth off of me. I saw that the truck shootas had taken out anotha of the vamps and that George and Rondell were battlin' wit one of the three remaining. The truck veered and I heard Alanna callin' my name as I fought and tried to get to the ground and was hit in the face, and slid back to keep it away from me.

Alanna then jumped on it and was bein' spun around, before she was slammed to the ground, and the vamp smiled, before lungin' down towards her.

Alanna!! I screamed, and plowed the stake into the back of the vamps heart, and as the dust settled, I saw her below me, lookin' scared, with marks on her neck, her hand goin' to it, as I helped her up. Among the chaos, I realized that all of the vamps were dead. "Little sis, you gotta be more careful. Don't even do that again. Stay in the truck."

She looked at me like she was angry, and we got into the truck. It was time to hunt the streets for the rest of the twenty that had been congregatin' here.

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Staking out a slayer?... [14 May 2006|12:50pm]

[ mood | creative ]

After reading the anonymous memo addressed to Lee, and making a copy of it, before leaving his office, secretly, I went home and decided how I was going to proceed with all of this. I knew that the company policy was to keep Angel alive and to make him dark, and somehow, I thought that an evil vampire slayer, which was just...beautiful, in every possible way, might be the best way to do it. The problem with it all, was that I didn't know what I wanted her to do for me...for Wolfram and Hart.

Did I want to use her and her ovbious powers, to make Angel dark, or did I want her to kill him? If I were going to go with the latter, then I knew that I would have to use discretionary funds and bury them...or at least bury them in a way where they wouldn't be come back to me, and I had to do it with caution, because pulling covert things off around here was far more difficult then getting some scumball acquitted.

That wasn't the only problem. This Faith Lehane might be a handful. Sure, I was evil, and she was obviously evil, but that didn't mean that she would be cooperative with me. I didn't know how far off of the evil tree that she had fallen. There definitely was a chance that if I met with her, after going through what was sure to be a great amount of trouble in finding her, she might look at me as somebody that she wanted to hurt, or kill.

Before I made any decisions involving this Faith Lehane, I needed to know more about her, so not long after leaving the office and returning home, I chided myself for ever leaving the firm in the first place. It was a wasted trip...well, aside from the fact that I was able to pour back a tall one at home. I finished my beer, grabbed my jacket and went back out to my truck. Driving to the office, I wondered if I should maybe include Lilah on this little plan. If we were found out, it would mean death if I were working alone, especilly if I asked her to kill Angel and she agreed, but I didn't know for sure.

Lilah was famous for covering her ass. The chick had more files on the brass around here then files and records did. She might not share my views in all of this. Sure, we had met with this Penn vampire, who hated Angel and wanted him dead, but we didn't offer him Wolfram and Hart money, and somehow, I didn't believe that this slayer would be so cheap.

I arrived at Files and Records and was routed to a small file on one Faith Lehane. She was chosen because of the death of another slayer, before her, named Kendra, killed in Sunnydale, where Faith was wanted on a murder charge. There was another slayer there named Buffy Summers, and she wasn't evil, but according to the files, there was only supposed to be one. I read further, delving into the history there, tipping back a scotch, that I had taken from my office before I came in, and found that this Buffy had briefly died. That called the slayer, Kendra, who had died, and then Faith was called when Kendra died. If everything that I read was being understood, then this meant that Faith was the actual active slayer, even though Buffy was still alive and had the longest tenure. The active slayer was evil. It was delicious. There wasn't much about her personality, but she was aggressive and impulsive, from what i had seen, and I now believed that I was ready to meet with her.

I returned the files, left Files and Records, went back to my office and returned the bottle of scotch to the bar and left for home, everything I needed to know already memorized. This was going to be interesting.

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Exorcising Demons. [18 Apr 2006|06:48am]

[ mood | nauseated ]

Angel looked after the family while I set the binding powder stronger then I had before we had left to go get the Priest who was no longer with us. I had created a threshold based on my readings before we had left, to insure that the Ethros guised as their son, or within their son, couldn't manipulate them into coming to them in pain, as a clever Ethros would certainly try, although it didn't exactly take, as I had to incant the demon away when we arrived, as Paige, Seth's mother had fallen to temptation and had nearly died because of it. The Ethros had sunk back within itself, as manifestations weakened it, and it knew what was coming. It knew that we were trying to expel it and from reading, I also knew that this was going to be literal hell, not to mention that the last known person to try an exorcism, was now buried two yards below the Earth behind the very church that Angel and I had just left.

There was simply no other scenario that could be efficient in this matter, though, left. Angel couldn't hold anything holy without losing his hand in a painfully burning way, so that eliminated him using a bible or a cross. This was all up to me. It was real now. In order to save Ryan's life and to expel and bind the demon, all of my inner-fortitude was needed, and there was no time for the pensive or for past failures to invade my mind. I could do this. We simply needed Cordelia to return with the box to bind the demon forver, and then I would start. The sacred sand on the floor, replenished and strong, and the incantation to make it hold finished, I walked back out of Angel's room and looked at the quivering mother and father and knew that they were counting on me. I dare say that I was filled with pride, regardless of the circumstances. This was truly the first time that somebody or someones were truly counting on me, that individuals were putting their futures in my hands and hoping for the best.

I had to say, as I looked at them, to myself, that this was now making it all worse. I felt the intense need to vomit and to make an excuse and run away, but Angel looked me in the eyes and then I turned to the boy again, and knew my place, unequivocally. I was going to see this through. I knew the scripture to be chanted and I knew that mental strength and resistance to any kind of subliminals from the demon had to be ignored. I knew that the Ethros could read the minds and pasts of all near it and that it would use my past failures against me, that it would skim the things on my mind and throw them back at me, waiting for me to make a mistake so that it could take advantage of me and try to kill me. The Ethros had the ability to move objects on it's own, but religious symbloism and certain words were caustic to it, and would enable me to do what I had to do to expel and bind it, as long as I didn't let my guard down.

The overwhelming desire, was to heave in the bathroom, again, but Angel pulled me aside and prepared me, once more. He would be right there, and as he said it, the door opened upstairs, the elevator was hydraulically sliding upwards, bringing Cordelia and the box down. I saw her face and knew that it was time for me perform cautiously and simultaneously, effectively and with conviction. That boy needed me and that bully of a demon was my target and I intended on eliminating it. I peered at Cordy and smiled, and then at the family, seeing the box that she was carrying, and assuming that it was the Ethros binding box. It was time. Cross and bible in hand, I went into the room, and Angel closed the door behind me to make sure that objects couldn't fly towards the family and Cordelia, knowing that as long as I was adorning religious symblism and artifact, that I would be safe from harm at the demons hands.

It was time.

[Cordelia and Angel]

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Leaving. [18 Apr 2006|06:24am]

[ mood | energetic ]

She was saucy. I had saved her from a not so bloody nice vampire, and enjoyed every minute of it, but now, she had to go. She had been attacked at the Rick's magic n' stuff, while picking up a box to bind a possessing demon, which I knew a little about, and then she had been attacked. The attack foiled, then came the getting to know her part, which was more tricky then normal considering that I knew her boss, Angel, and more importantly, he knew me, and by reputation, I knew that he might look upon a vampire without a soul as a target and also with some trepidation or disdain. I was still willing to partake in the banter, but she had to go, the exorcism that awaited, was taking place soon and she had to get back to it. She knew that I was a vampire, and granted, she thought that I had a soul too, because I had protected her, but she actually invited me, which was a load off. I knew that I wanted her the minute that I had seen her a couple of days ago, but she wasn't frightened by what I was.

I got into the car with her, even though I wasn't sure that I should tell her who I was just yet, or walk up to Angelus again after so long. I couldn't resist spending those extra moments with her, and I really was contemplating meeting up with Angel, as he now was known, again, as well, but ultimately, I decided that I would just get her safely to the offices of Angel investigations, which to be honest, was a name that I was having bloody trouble wrapping my mind around, but I knew that once I left, that I would be disquieted by the fact that she had just told me...

"Well, there were no more Ethros boxes, so I settled with a Shorshak box. There's this kid that's possessed. Angel and our friend Wes are trying to find a priest now, that can perform the exorcism. I'm hoping this box works just as well as the Ethros box."

I was certainly no expert, but reading was a favorite blow the day away pasttime for me, and I didn't think that it would go to well with the wrong box to bind the slimy ethros demon. I watched her lips as she talked, their curvature, and tried to avoid the obvious obligatory stares at the other, more delicious curves of her body, and before we got to the offices, she looked back over at me.

"By the way, my name is Cordelia. I thought you'd like to know."

"I'm sure Angel might be happy to see you, once we get this case out of the way. We can stay in the kitchen while they do the exorcism."

I helped her with the box to the door, but for now, it was as far as I was willing to go. I wasn't willing to bump into Angel just yet. He had to be protective of this beauty, Cordelia, and I had to put some thought into exactly how I was going proliferate my meeting up with Angel again, because I knew that he would associate me with his evil past.

She thanked me, and wordless, I crept away as she opened the door to the offices, and other then the fact that she was going into an exorcism, Angel knew what he was doing, or at least I hoped that he did, and she was now safe from things big and bad that walked the night streets hunting for prey. I saw her from the distance as she asked me what my name was, and I was impeded by guilt for not being more open with her.

I just hoped that the box worked. I knew a little about this and I knew that once the demon was expelled from the host body, that it would jump into another body if the box that she had, which was the wrong box, didn't contain the demon. I knew that on this night, I wouldn't be going very far. Anxiety would get the best of me thinking about the demon jumping into her. I perched myself on the roof across the street, hoping to get a view of the festivities occurring at Angel Investigations, the time sweet with her words and voice and scent and looks still freshly regaling all of my senses. Well, except for touch.

Hopefully that would come later.

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Serenades from Lawyers. [17 Apr 2006|06:36am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

Normally, karaoke was the order of the night at Caritas. Earlier, it was, earlier, before I had any seabreezes in my system. Recently, however, the stage had been taking over by some of my more human clientele, who of course, all had the same things on their minds. Pressure at the job was leading some to introduce themselves to the barrel of a gun, and others of their ilk felt that a rooftop leap without a parachute was more befitting for them, and still, others chose to come here and some of them would even come to me after they poured their sweet little hearts out in song for a bunch of demons and very few humans to see. Of course, these particular humans had zero problems in believing that demons were real and had even less problems singing in front of them.

I didn't know much about their lawfirm, and I didn't know who these senior partners were, but I could clearly read that they were something other then human and I could pick up, before note numero uno that they weren't very nice demons. Things were tensing up around the office, and the hammer, or even the guillotine, was about to be dropped on some of their pretty little heads. That certainly would have been a loss to the fashion world, if it were to happen, and local boutique owners might be cringing, but for the most part, it would not be a tragic loss to the world of the performing arts.

I took a sip of my seabreeze, after wave number three of lawyers finished up a rather disturbing version of 'if I had no loot'. The crowd wasn't particularly rowdy, and why would they be? Unless rowdy was spawned by a serious dislike of musical hygiene. I intensely wished that I was giving more advice to Rory, who had saved some heads earlier, at a time like this. A couple of the female lawyers came my way, and what they wanted to know, well it wasn't completely bleak, but I could set them on their path's; not that they deserved it, considering some of the things that some of them had done.

They sat across from me. They sat across from me, and I strummed out, using a slight amount of restraint, a way that they could get out of their line of work without losing their heads. Right as I did and tried to smile for them, a male singer got up onto the stage, and he was another lawyer from Wolfram and Hart, and he was a newbie. His version of 'Like a virgin' left something to be desired and prompted me to ask Ramon for another seabreeze, which he delivered, right as this Lee, jumped into a less then proper throaty chorus of the song, and in poor taste, peeled off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt a few too many buttons, as if he were trying to impress the demons. I could read his thoughts, though, and he was trying to score with two of the female lawyers that I had already read.

Too bad, on that score, bubby, I thought, but that rejection was far better then the pain that I saw in his not too distant future. The song came to a conclusion, which made me stand up, cheer and scream merciful zeus at the top of my lungs, which was entirely unprofessional of me, but I was dearly hoping that Le would take the bait, and be angered enough with me to not ask about his rather bleak future. No such luck, though, as he buttoned back up, straightened his tie and jacket, and came my way. I looked towards the stage, hoping that I buy time so that I could at least word my reading of him in a positive shade, but before I could, a good crooner took the stage, with his own guitar. Another lawyer from Wolfram and Hart, but Lindsey could always take the stage whenever he wanted, because while his ethics were questionable, he man could sing.

I sat down as Lee approached me. He talked about this master plan that he had, and he did it with an eerie and far too machismoic delivery. I wanted to lay the smack down on him, but, unfortunately for him, the brunette with the plentiful bosom would do that to him, and that would be the first of his painful moments. As Lindsey strummed and crooned, I tiptoed around Lee's future, taking part in my current seabreeze, as opposed to delving with the truth. It was not my place to change history. It was my place to call it as I saw it, or even to stretch the truth at times. "You're plans are brilliant, sweetie, just be careful not to step on toes."

He started to ask what that meant, but I had to go, as Lindsey, who had some pain of his own in the future finished up. I didn't let Lee take up any more of my time, as I patted Lindsey on the back as he walked off of the stage, and took over the proceedings once again. If I had to listen to one more desperate lawyer, then I was going to close the club for the night. Because, this place's name was latin for mercy and reading evil lawyers wasn't merciful on the empath's ears. Lindsey looked at me and I smiled, to assure him that he was okay, before jumping into my own version of any vampire's favorite song, barely breathing'.

Lawyers including Lee and Lindsey left, and I motioned for Ramon to bring me another seabreeze. Lawyers were leaving. That was Caritas on the green one.

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Rick's Magic N' Stuff [16 Apr 2006|04:49pm]

[ mood | blank ]

The goo that Wes collected, definitely belonged to an Ethros demon. I didn't get my hands dirty, but I was there for support. Ryan was knocked out when we drove back to the office. Wes mentioned something about the demon using most of his energy. I felt bad for the kid. My brownies saved the day. Secretly, I knew Wes thought they were horrible, and Angel did everything in his power to avoid tasting them. But, I let them get away with it, this time. They do that again, and they'll get what's coming to them. We got the boy, brought him and his family back to Angel's room, and there's still more to do, before we fully save the day. So, day not saved, just yet.

Angel volunteered me to go to Rick's Magic N' Stuff. Well, it wasn't Angel. It was more like Wes decided that we should go to two different places. I mean, what if Penn comes by to kill me? I'm all by myself. But, I have a stake, a cross and a bottle of holy water in my purse, so I feel a little safe. Penn is the only worse that could happen. Hopefully, he's not out and about, tonight. Today is so not the day to be terrorizing us. We have enough going on, right now. Anyway, I get to go to

Angel gave me a lot of money to buy the Ethros box. He had all of that money in his wallet. I knew this Ethros box was more valuable than anyone mentioned. Yeah, it's the box we're going to hold the demon in, but who knew a box would cost that much, just to hold something inside of it? Judging by the amount he just handed over to me, we're going to talk, seriously, about my salary raise.

I took Wes' jeep and head to Rick's Magic N' Stuff. Angel and Wes went to find a priest. I was a bit uncomfortable leaving the family in Angel's place. What if Ryan woke up and hurt his mother and father? Sure, he was chained to the bed, but there were ways he could do some damage. I wanted to go in, get the box, and get back as soon as possible. I didn't know how long Angel and Wes were going to be. It could take hours for them to find a priest that could actually perform an exorcism. Okay, I'm really making myself worry, now. I have to remain calm and get this done.

I parked in front of Rick's Magic N' Stuff. When I got out of the jeep, I had a funny feeling. I looked around. Down the street, behind me, the other side of the block. There was no one around. I had a feeling like someone was watching me. I shook it off and hurried into the store.

This place was pretty small. I looked around and saw a shelf with boxes on it. I walked over and checked each one out. "Blessed be. Do you need any help?". I jumped and looked behind me. I rolled my eyes.

"God, give someone a heart attack!" He just looked at me. I sighed. "I need an Ethros box."

"A woman that knows what she wants. I like that."

Lovely. "Yeah, well I need it." There was a long pause. "You know, like right now." This guys was seriously creepy.

"Unfortunately, we don't have an Ethros box. We only have this Methos box."

I looked at him, confused. "What's the difference?"

It was made by deaf Tibetan nuns, rather than blind Tibetan nuns.

Was he for real? All of this was too confusing. I guess I have to go with what's available. I didn't have all night. "I guess I'll have to settle for this. I'll take it."

"Lovely choice," he said with a smile. "Would you like me to gift wrap it?"

"Uh, no. Here," I handed him the money. "Thanks," I said grabbing the box and walking out of the store.

There was still no one around. It was a dark street, and all I wanted was to get back to the office. I managed to put the box on the passenger side of the jeep, before I was grabbed from behind. I was thrown to the ground and I looked up. A vampire. My eyes widened and I kicked him in between the legs. He bent over, I got up and started to run. He recovered and ran after me. I turned down an alley Too bad I didn't know the alley didn't go a long way. There was a fence in my way. When I got to the fence I turned around. The vampire wasn't there.

Slowly, I began to walk back toward the street, frantically looking everywhere around me. Just when I reached the street, the vampire jumped out, grabbed me and carried me to the beginning of the alley. I screamed. He slammed me against the wall, and held my throat and began to squeeze. I tried to scream, but nothing came out of my mouth. Tears began to fall down my face. My heart was racing, my breathing becoming non-existent.

I didn't know how I was going to get out of this situation. There had to be a way.


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Going to my favorite place....Church [07 Apr 2006|08:53am]

[ mood | anxious ]

With the boy tied to my bed, which wasn't the most pleasant thought, considering that the boy was possessed by an Ethros demon and could spill ectoplasmic stains all over my bed, and with Cordy going off to Rick's Magic and stuff to pick up an Ethros box, especially designed to capture an Ethros demon once it has been exorcised, Wesley and I drove towards the Holy Trinity church in Anaheim, coincidentally, not too far from the Disneyland lot, because there, in that church, lived the only known clergy in the vicinity who had been documented as before performing an exorcism.

Two things flickered through my mind as I found Wesley looking over at me. I wondered about the likelihood of Cordy actually finding an Ethros box. I had suggested Rick's, because it had been my experience over the years, having seen many who practiced magic in my time spent here in Los Angeles in the past, that he carried the most extensive collection of rarities in the state if not further reaching. Wesley had read that an Ethros box was rare, and I now found myself praying that they had one to hold the full-bodied demon. I also wondered if Cordy would be able to carry it, and if it fit into Wes' jeep.

Thinking about all of that made me wonder if we were going to have any success in exorcising the demon. Neither of us had ever done this before and considering that a cross and holy symbolisms were needed when performing the ritual, I didn't see how I was going to be able to do it, if the father wasn't around. If the father was around, I found myself thinking that there was no way that he would help me and taking that a step further, going into a church didn't frighten me because of what I was or used to be simply because it was supposed to be a place safe from the demon, from the vampire, but it did make me think that I was going to remember so many of the bad things that I had done to clergy members and to nuns and even to Drusilla, in the past.

The freeway was heavy, even for this time of night, but going away from the offices, made me feel insecure about the family being alone with their son, infested by the Ethros, as well. They weren't safe near it now that it was exposed, and now that it was exposed, there was no point in it keping it's guise going any longer and I knew that it would try anything and everything to harm them, and it would try to lure them into my bedroom so that it could kill them, which it had probably done in the past, and what it had certainly done to some of their firends in the past, which is why they had told us that they had moved around so much and was definitely the reason why they were so originally cold to me, especially Seth, the father.

I passed a lot of cars along the way, knowing that Cordy was only going a few city blocks and would also be in danger in my apartment under the office, from the demon, and with things that had happened to her recently, things that we had done, like kissed and because Doyle had died, I hated leaving her behind. Recklessly, I pulled off of the freeway at the Disney exit and swung the car around towards the church, when we parked in the lot, there was one car parked like it was somebody who stayed there and I took that as a good sign, regardless of what the Father here, who knew what demons were, unequivocally, thought of me. I shut the engine off, as Wesley started to talk to me, finally, putting the book down filled with fun facts about the religious man that we were about to see.


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Developments within. [02 Apr 2006|03:17pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Running a conglomerate like Wolfram and Hart, you learned to pick your battles. While it was true that our clients were the ones that we represented, and those who tried to put them away were our chief enemies, there were still other things that had to be watched.

We always replaced lawyers and tried to bring in the best of the best to represent our lawfirm. The Senior Partners kept a close eye on things, but being multi-dimensional, they couldn't always know everything that was happening and that was where I came in. Battles had to be picked, for sure, and some of our own weren't exactly what we had in mind, but ferreting those out that were just terrible in everything and were duplicitous and then finding those who were gifted and had ability, yet were still doing things behind our backs, was a task.

I relished the task. I had fired, or worse, several members of the team, but when I found out about the meeting between two of our best and brightest and the vampire and then listened to the conversation, I knew that something might have to be done about it. I was handed the tape of the meeting in a private conference room, behind closed doors, and told that it was something that needed my attention.

I expected the worse. I knew that Lindsey had been stressed out with cases and I knew that Lilah was so worried about what we thought about her, that she tried to cover her behind and take iniative. It was okay. The two of them had a lot of potential. They had more then anyone else that I had seen her ina long time and when I listened to the tape, and watched their expressions and the meeting with this vampire, who after some research in files and records, I found to be sired by Angel, and to have a clorful and might I say, a tasteful history here in Los Angeles.

The tape showed no infraction, in my estimation. Neither Lindsey nor Lilah had made a commitment, and the only problem with the meeting at all, was that it hadn't been brought to my attention. In the meeting, I saw something with this vampire, Penn, and Lilah. He was certainly infatuated with her, and I would be sure to speak to her about healthy relationships. With what we had planned for Angel in the near future, I was disappointed that this meeting had occurred, but not all was lost. Lindsey and Lilah hadn't paid this vampire to kill Angel and it appeared that Penn would try to kill Angel, anyway. He had already tried and almost succeeded, but as long as he tried and we didn't, then more power to Penn, for he would likely find death and dust when fighting with Angel, the prophecized one, and my lawyers hadn't really overstepped their bounds.

I just had to make sure, tomorrow, to schedule a meeting, individually, with both Lindsey and especially, Lilah, to make sure that they knew that they had my support, and that secretive meetings concerning Angel weren't what was protocol. I took a sip of cognac, looked out at the home office and smiled, before locking my office and heading for the exit.

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Out of jail. [02 Apr 2006|01:42pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

I had spent the night in jail, but I didn't care. I had even roughed up some wanna be top gay man, tryin' to use me as his bottom, but again, I didn't care. I was the big bad man in here and if they left me alone, then they would be okay, and afta smashin' the wannabe rapists face, everyone left me alone and though I was hungry, at leats Alanna, George, Rondell and the othas weren't. We had heisted food from a local mart here in da hood, owned by a Mexican and obviously, the pigs had their eyes on us the whole time, but we planned for these kinda things and I didn't mind takin' the fall to take care of my sista and my peeps.

Since they didn't have anythin' on me, with all that had been stolen from the night before already bein' gone when they collared me, they had to let me go and I neva got tired of hearin' that they would be watchin' me and that I better straighten up or I would be spendin' nights somewhere a little more permanent.

I laughed at them as I walked out, wonderin' where the hell they had been when they were watchin' me all of these times when the vampires were around, killin' us all? The pigs were so useless. Not like they could stop the vamps or anythin', but didn't they have any clue what was really goin' on in their city every night?

Here we were, fightin' for our lives, fightin' to save otha peoples lives everyday and I was gettin' arrested, while nobody but us tried to stop the vamps. It just didn't seem fair. Yeah, we had stolen, but we needed to eat.

Anger filled me as I made my way towards our current holdup. I just hoped that when I got there, that there was still food left and more importantly, that nothin' had happened last night involvin' vamps. I couldn't imagine what I would do if Alanna or any of our crew got hurt because I wasn't there to protect them. I'd probably blame the pigs and try to get some vamps after them. Nah, I couldn't do that. Nobody deserved to have to face all of the vamps that we did, beause they would die, not knowing how to handle them, and I protected everyone I could from the vamps, even the stinkin' pigs.

It took a while, but I opened the steel door and went inside to find everyone still in one piece, and Alanna rushin' to me and takin' me in her arms. "Everyone got a nice belly full, I hope?"

She smiled at me and hugged me. George then told me about a nest of vamps that was gettin' larga and seemed to know about our location. It made sense, and with that, there would be no talkin' about my latest night in jail. We had to be ready. We had depleted the number of vamps in the area, and more were flockin' here like vultures to take care of us. I asked George if he was sure and Rondell backed him. They saw at least twenty of them in the area.

That was twenty soon-to-be-dead vamps in the area, hopefully tonight.

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An interesting little memo. [02 Apr 2006|01:12pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

After the meeting with the vampire, Lilah and I wondered if maybe we were doing the wrong thing in bringing this vampire who hated Angel in to kill him. The Senior Partners would skin us alive, literally, if they knew that we had met with Penn in order to discuss him going after Angel.

I had a trial to get to, so I had to leave, and I pretty much altogether didn't have a good feling about Penn when I went to the courtroom. Penn, who didn't seem to like me, but did seem to like Lilah, was going to go after Angel anyway, and while it wasn't our policy to kill him, but to make him dark, and while I was cool with Angel being dead anyway, was going to go after Angel anyway, and if he was successful, without our resources, then it couldn't be blamed on us. I wished Penn the most of success with Angel, but it was my intention not to meet with him again.

After another successful day in court, defending a drug dealer against a moral crusade by a heavy and very much undertalented public defender, I went back to Wolfram and Hart, fully intending on seeing Lilah. It was late, because I did have a dinner date with an attractive blonde, but I still expected Lilah to be here, but she wasn't. And I had looked everywhere. I didn't run into Le, either, which was surprising, because evn more then Lilah, he was always trying to look for a way in, for a way to put himself ahead of Lilah or I.

I knew that Lee had been in my office at least twice. He tended to wear too much cologne and it was unmistakable. Lee wasn't as liked amongst Holland and some of the other higher-ups as was Lilah or myself, so I knew that he would have something going on. A bit of paranoia filled me as I realized that though our meeting with Penn had been discretionary, that Lee might have caughten wind of it. I decided that though it wasn't like me to rummage through Lilah or Le's offices, that I was going to cover my ass this time.

I went into Lee's office, and started looking around. I kept the lights off and used a penlight, so as not to be clearly seen by him if he looked at the surveillance camera's in the morning. I dragged some papers off of his desk and down to the floor, and found nothing of note. Just some cases that he was working on, and something about rogue on one piece of paper. I wondered what that meant, although it had nothing to do with Lilah and I meeting Penn.

I wenr through many of the files in his desk, and found nothing, still, of Penn, although paranoia was starting to grip me, as I had been here, kneeling on his floor next to his chair for an hour. I found that Lee was dealing with another lawfirm, so I crawled over to his copier and with my head down, made a copy of it, just in case.

I returned back to the desk and the safety of being behind it, gunning through the rest of his files. There was nothing on me, a few things on Lilah, but Le had ben busy and I couldn't believe that he had missed our meeting with Penn. There were infractions that the Senior Partners and Holland would look down upon, so I made copies of them too, and returned back to behind the desk, returning everything to the way that I had found it. I started to stand, when from the corner, I heard a trasnmission coming in from the fax machine. My back to the camera's on the wall, and in my dark suit, I made my way over to it, grabbed the transmission and returned to behind the desk, my penlight on it.

The transmission read: To: Lee Mercer, attorney, Wolfram and Hart, Los Angeles
From: Unknown
Message: Rogue slayer is awake in Sunnydale and all indications are that she is still evil. She mugged a woman and escaped the hospital where she had been comatosed for the past eight months. We should set up a meeting, here in Sunnydale. It is believed that she will go after the other slayer, one miss Buffy Summers. End of report on Faith Lehane.

I smiled and sneaked out of the room, holding the very transmission in my hands that Lee was nver going to see, along with the other copies that I had made in there. Not worried about covering my steps with the surveillance room and confident that I hadn't been made out in there, I decided to go home and see if I could find out who this rogue slayer was, and what I might do about it.

Fifteen minutes later, I was in my den, on the couch, the phone next to me, contemplating putting a trace on where this transmission had come from. As I sipped a heineken, I wondered why Lee Mercer would be trying to contact a slayer, and an evil slayer at that.

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Back to Los Angeles. [31 Mar 2006|09:52pm]

[ mood | excited ]

My time away from Los Angeles had been productive. When I had left, I had tried to team with those two lawyers from evil incorporated, because that seemed like the place for me. Maybe it was, because Lilah Morgan was exquisite in every way, but I didn't need their help to exact my revenge on Angel and all of his little up with people friends.

Nothing was horribly lost. So the bitch cop hadn't been killed and she still breathed, but that could change and she would be dealt with too. That would happen after I dealt with Angel's friends and so Angel had destroyed my latest reenactment of my family's death's? I appreciated his critique. I was glad that he had. I had a new lease on undead life, and had just experienced a large amount of bliss up in San Francisco.

In the marina there, I had myself a feast upon some druggies and had spent over a day spinning on a mixture of LSD, cocaine and PCP. It wasn't the first time that I had had the drugs in my system, but it had been a while, and it was quite the rush. It was so much of a rush that I ended up swimming in the harbor to wait out the sun.

After changing into some dry clothes and picking myself up some more along the way, along with a pleasant little assistant manager, who was quite tasty and was the perfect hangover panacea from the drugs in my system, I commandeered myself a vehicle and headed back to Los Angeles. The drive was fille dwith little thoughts.

Of course, those thoughts started off with Kate Lockley escaping my grasp because of Angel. Then my thoughts drifted to kicking Angel's ass, and then a giant stake going through him and into my shoulder. It was fine. I needed that motivation. I needed the fuel that would lead me to wiping them all out, one by one and my time away was a benefit. I knew Angel well enough to know that he wouldn't expect me to leave for good, but he was too busy helping people to have a lot of thought for me, which would make my job easier.

I laughed. It wasn't a job. This was no chore. This was going to be great. But, another thing that I thought of first, and what had me dreaming as I drove, my eyes open, was Lilah Morgan. I really had no intention of working with Wolfram and Hart and if I had my way, I would eat that Lindsey McDonald, but as far as I could tell, Lilah seemed to want me, and the feeling was definitely mutual. While in Los Angeles, I saw no problem with being with Lilah for a little non-killing sport, and if it came to it, I would help her with business. Not as far as Angel was concerned with their policy of making him dark, because I was going to make him dust, but with anything else, having the Senior Partners on my side couldn't be a bad thing, and having Lilah on my side.

The erection bulged as I entered Los Angeles and made my way towards her apartment. I had taken the liberty of following her home one night and Lindsey on another, just in case. I figured that her seeing me at her place might frighten her a bit, but I would be cordial and cheery. After all, great things laid ahead for me concerning Angel and his soon to be dead self and all of his dead friends, and tonight, potentially great things were on the horizon, I hoped.

I knocked on her door, knowing that I looked dapper.


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Instant lust. [31 Mar 2006|08:31pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Unconscionable things, that is what I had done. Three-hundred years of killing and maiming, and all it took was following my immortal love to America, and watching her be murdered by other demons, and vampires, to change me.

In Europe with my Brandy, I had been a terror. Vienna, Prague, Rome, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm and certainly, our home territory of London, I had done violent things for the sanctity of my love and did it feeling pretty good about my life after death. Brandy, was never violent. She didn't see things the way that I did, and she forced me to America. America was a perfectly fine place as far as decadence went, and for Brandy, it meant getting me away from all of my friends and foes in Europe. I would have done anything for her, and did.

Except when we came to Los Angeles and I did something that she didn't want me to. There was this beautiful blonde movie star and I just couldn't help myself. Brandy was a fan of television and movies and had made me watch all of the movies back in London, so I knew her and Brandy actually revered her. When I killed the actress, I didn't think for a second that Brandy would take it so hard, but she had followed me in and had seen the aftermath. She ran away from me into the night, and when I found her, she was being used by a couple of vampires, and when I fought them off, they had a demon master, who took my immortal love from me with a stake through the heart. He tried to kill me too, and died as painfully as I could make him.

That was two months ago. In the weeks after her death, I toyed with the notion of going back to my roots; of going back to London, but I couldn't get away from the bottle long enough to muster the strength to do anything and as a few weeks passed, I realized that I had thrown it all away, thrown away my immortal love because of my tendency to kill innocent humans. Brandy was gone, but two-hundred years of love was still in my heart and if I couldn't have her anymore, I realized that the best way to keep her with me was to live the way that she wanted me to live. As a peaceful being. I learned to live off of pig's blood as she so often had, and I started exacting a permanent sort of revenge on anything that wasn't human.

I went into alleys, into bars, into the sewers, and anywhere else where demons made humans uncomfortable or worse and fighting, well fighting was always something that I liked to do, so I did away with the demons that crossed path's with me and I started to enjoy it. I heard things along the way. I heard that Angelus was just like me, a souled vampire fighting for redemption and I was amazed. Angelus had a soul and was going by the name of Angel, fighting demons here in the city of angels?

I didn't have a soul. Angelus or now, Angel, might run into me and we could have a war. Back in the bloody day, he and I would have gone to war together and we would now, but he wouldn't think of me as good, even though I was reformed, even though I had reformed because of Brandy. I didn't seek him out, but I was sure our path's would cross, and sooner then I think. I happened across the office of Angel Investigations while patrolling and decided to let myself in. The smell was glorious and it certainly wasn't the scent of Angelus, although his was pronounced as well. I looked around for a moment, took the elevator downstairs and found where Angel's apartment was.

My senses were primed and the lovely perfume of somebody, a human, working with Angel led me at a quick place to a residential neighborhood. I ignored the screams along the way, feeling a trace of guilt along the way, knowing that Brandy was looking down on me, but there had to be more to my new life then just extinguishing bad demons. They were at some house. Angel was there, and from the shadows, I saw her, with another man, and hearing his voice, I heard that he was a Brit like me, and he seemed to me to be your prototypical watcher type. They had some kid who was possessed by what appeared to be an Ethros demon, and I was fascinated.

I hung to the bushes, my breath, if I had any, taken away by the sight of this girl. This time, I felt no guilt coming from Brandy above or below or wherever she was, and I started to wonder if maybe she was Angel's flame. It would make sense. Darla probably didn't have a soul and probably hated him now, if he hadn't already killed her. I decided to find out more, in the shadows. I could learn a lot. Angel and I tended to keep the same hours.

I thought about watching to see what they did with the boy and the Ethros, but I decided to ask somebody else who might know something. I decided to go to my favorite place to get a drink amongst demons who I didn't have to kill...for the most part. I made my way quickly to Caritas, but I would return to the offices of Angel Investigations.


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Transporting and then stopping a possessing demon. [27 Mar 2006|09:12am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

"Ok, so now we've got that all out of the way, what do we do now? I guess we can go back in the car and wait for Angel. There's no sense in waiting around here. We don't want to look suspicious."

I quite had to agree with that assertion, and as we started to circle back around to the street as to not look suspicious, after we had, Cordelia and I, that is, successfully found the ectoplasmic trace residues of what appeared to be an Ethros demon, although I couldn't be definitively sure until I analyzed it back at the office; we heard a roar coming from inside the house, followed by very loud screams, from a girl and then from someone slightly older.

"I guess that my brownies worked." Cordelia said, as we rushed to the door, no longer worried about our cover or trying to subterfuge anything that we had done. Angel was tying the boy up with the thin, yet incredibly durable rope that he been able to inconspicuously carry in his pocket when he had come in. He had just explained to the family what the situation was, and while I felt a trifle guilty about using the family with the brownies as we did, I couldn't help but look in amazement as the boy's face became a mass of gray and dark gray blotches and as the demon within howled and no longer tried to conceal his true nature.

We rushed the boy to the car and within a minute, Angel was in the backseat with the demon, whom was swearing in the foulest of sailor tongues, and struggling to no avail against the vampire with the soul holding him down. As we drove off, Cordelia next to me in the front seat, looking back with sheer revulsion at the boy, we noticed that the family was also following, and Angel informed us that he had given the parent's our card, with our address on it.

Angel then asked me, not that it mattered, because we knew that we were dealing with a possessing entity, if we had found anything in our search, and proudly, I answered. "As a matter of fact, Angel, we did find the ectoplasmic residue of a possessing demon, before we heard the screams coming from inside. I should know in short order, what type of demon that we are dealing with here."

Angel told me not to bother. Research won't be required. He has seen an Ethros demon before, and that this was one of them. We didn't even have to scream as we spoke, and if not for the wind in our hair with the top down, we would have heard each other completely perfectly, which was odd, until I noticed, that for some reason, the demon and the boy had both passed out. "The demon had drained itself trying to get free and the boy will be dormant until we can get the demon out of him. I'm just not sure how we are going to accomplish that. We will probably need a priest who specializes in this sort of thing. I'm just not sure where to find one."

I was hoping that with Angel's demon lineage, that he had a few more ideas on this issue.

[Cordelia and Angel]

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Uncovering a demon in a human body. [23 Mar 2006|09:31pm]

[ mood | Ready ]

With the disaster of the tasting of the brownies out of the way, we were ready to go and Cordy seemed more then ready to go. I mean, I liked Cordy. I liked Cordy a lot. I had kissed her and maybe felt a little more attracted to her then I should have been, especially since I still wasn't over Buffy and the day that we had shared that she didn't remember, but I did, but that didn't mean that I was willing to taste the brownies that she had made. Cordelia had some skills, but typing and certainly cooking, weren't two of them.

In an attempt to make it obvious that Wesley was going to be the one that tried them, I grabbed his collar and donned my fangs just to make sure that he knew that he was going to be the one trying the 'pastry'. Cordy grabbed me away as if I had possibly gone overboard or schoolyard with the whole fang thing, but neither of them knew that selenium powder made a vampire weak and even more pale then they already were. The brownies were being brought in the guise of me bringing a gift to the family, as Paige and Seth, well, mostly Paige, against Seth's wishes, seemingly, had invited me over after I had saved their boy, Ryan, from being hit by a car last night. The real reason that I was bringing the brownies over, with the selenium powder in them, was because the selenium powder would expose a poltergeist, or an Ethros demon.

This was a serious situation. If it was an Ethros demon, then it was potentially fatal for Cordy and Wesley. For me, there was nothing to fear with an Ethros demon, but an Ethros could easily kill or possess one of them, like it had with Seth, the father, if I had to put my money on it. And, if it was an Ethros. Cordelia covered up the brownies, and Wesley wiped his face and seemed to think that they were edible. I didn't care. If they didn't like them, I could just tell them that I was a bad cook. The important thing here was to expose the demon.

We locked the office and once in the car, I was still bothered by Penn being around, so I looked and sensed, but I didn't feel him close. That was a positive. I should have killed him, because he would kill again, but it was good that for the time being, he wasn't targeting my friends. I would track him down later. Now, it was time to uncover an Ethros, or something else. I sped away and wbrought up the plan again. Wesley was quick to point out that he and Cordelia would stay together and look around for ectoplasm or droppings of some kind, salt traces, while I was inside, and I was happy about that. Penn could be tracking us even if I couldn't sense him, and with me gone, Cordy and Wes would be fair game.

"Do either one of you have Holy water and or a stake on you? I'll be inside there and the two of you will be busy looking for signs. Penn is still out there. I don't sense him now, but he..he could be around. I know how he is. I taught him. He's going to come after the two of you at some point, and while you guys aren't thinking about it and while I'm busy with a possessing demon inside, would be the perfect time for him to strike. Be on your toes."

I looked over at Cordy, not even for a minute thinking about the two of us kissing, and then back at wesley to make sure that they got me loud and clear. I pulled over on the residential street, two houses down from the house. I didn't want to appear as if I were here with a team. Any red flag would warn off the Ethros and could threaten it's uncovering.

[Wesley and Cordy]

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Looking for an Ethros Demon [19 Mar 2006|01:24am]

[ mood | determined ]

Is this day not over, yet? Today, has been the longest day of my life. Just when I think it's over, we still have a case to solve. Me and Wes did some research. Well, Wes did the most. I sat around thinking about Angel. I don't know. I mean, it's hard not to think about what happened. That kiss, well, kisses, were implanted in my head. I have to get a grip. I told myself I'm leaving this all in Angel's court. He's the one with the issues here. Whatever. It's Angel's call.

Me and Wes were up in Angel's office for a couple of hours. When Wes wasn't being uptight, he was a really cool person to talk to. He might not give good advice, but he listened to me vent about Angel. I felt better after getting everything out. Of course, it was all Wes' fault, but I was over that and wanted to put that behind us. Instead, we talked about how bad it would be if I kept on avoiding Angel. Frankly, I was fine with avoiding Angel. It kept us from that awkward-ness that I didn't want to be in. Angel and the awkward, didn't do too well. He got all stammer-y and silent. Wes thought that me avoiding Angel would make matters worse. I thought about it and decided he was right. We had a job to do, and there was no time for stress in the workplace. Right now, we had to take care of the case.

After some research, we found out that this thing could be an Ethros demon. They possess the body of a humans. Now, we just had to find out who exactly was possessed. Angel thinks it's the father. So, while Angel's in the house, me and Wes will be outside the house looking around for any clues. I figured I'd help Wes out. It would keep my mind occupied and away from thinking too much. Something, I didn't need to do. Like I told Wes, if I stayed in the car, I would probably be a wreck. That wasn't healthy. Again, with the I don't need wrinkles at a young age.

The sun was down. I told Wes to go downstairs to get Angel and tell him that we're ready. Wes went into the elevator and I picked up my glass of water and walked out of Angel's office and sat down at my desk.

I heard the elevator coming back up. I gulped my water. I was a little nervous about looking at Angel. It can't be that hard can it? No, it's going to be ok. I'll just act...normal. Angel won't notice a thing, right? Ugh! That won't work. Angel can see right through me. I guess, I'll just have to manage. Put it behind me, for now. I can do that. This case is important to all of us. I can put it behind me for the case.

Angel and Wes came in to the main office and I looked up, making eye contact with Angel. A rush of heat when through my body when he looked at me. I smiled. "Hey," I said softly. "Ready champ?" Wes looked at me and Angel. I looked at Wes for a moment. This is what we've talked about. Me, not avoiding Angel. See? I'm not being avoid-y. I looked back at Angel and smiled. Okay, this is good. That wasn't so bad.

((Angel and Wes))

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Looking for a demon without the boss. [19 Feb 2006|03:26pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Angel's sudden loneliness concerned me. A part of me and a rather large part, wanted to tell Cordelia, after she had offered to research with me, to go to him, and rehash things with him before they became a rather large abyss, while now, it was only merely a small hole. Not that i didn't appreciate Cordelia's company, and not that I would tell her this, but research, at least as far as I had seen, and certainly when compared to my skills on the subject, wasn't exactly the greatest of her assets.

It was not murky to see that she had volunteered to help me with research because she wanted to stay away from Angel at the moment. I hadn't wanted them to rush into something, for Angel's curse had always been a topic of cold sweating and serious worry, but I hadn't want to divide either of them, also, in the process. Unfortunately, that is how it turned out. I had gave them my opinion about the curse.

I couldn't believe that I had lacked the foresight to truly examine the curse before, having known Angel when I was Buffy and Faith's watcher in Sunnydale and knowing that especially with Buffy, but also with Faith, he shared a close proximity.

When I examined the curse, of course, it was all heresay and my opinion, but the facts of the curse couldn't be disputed, nor could the Gypsy's intentions when cursing him. Cordelia and Angel had been there in front of me when I had told them that I didn't believe that the curse could be lost simply by the act of sex. Obviously, Angel had become Angelus in Sunnydale after making love with Buffy for the first time, but they had been in love and I had told them that I didn't believe that it was merely just sex which would cause the issue of Angel again becoming the greatest murderer in the world's history.

It wa smy opinion that the Gypsy's wouldn't make the curse so easy to lose, and that Angel, souled, would eventually have sex, and probably soon, and the Gypsy's would want him to suffer forever with the soul to pay for his sins. Unfortunately, all of us were now paying for my bringing up the curse and after about an hour of research, I saw that Angel had gotten into the elevator. Cordy, who hadn't been willing to look at Angel before and had her head down in a book, noticed the same thing and only after he was gone, did she leave the closed door of the office and go out and get a beverage, which she brought back in with her.

I was looking at plotergeists now, and was truly of the opinion that we were all going to be dealing with either a ghost, or an ethros demon. A ghost wouldn't leave any trace signature, but if it was malevolent enough, it could certainly affect those that it was around, and cause a boy to sleepwalk into a car in the middle of the night, perhaps, and if it were an ethros, there would be a trace viscous ectoplasmic fluid, of a green or translucent green color. The ethros would be especially difficult to handle, but easier to kill then a ghost, that was already dead. In order to get rid of the ghost, we would have to ascertain why it was there and figure out a way to appease it, and that method could be most difficult.

At the moment, however, my eyes drifted to Cordelia. I had to figure out how to broach this. I didn't want to ruffle any more feathers. I decided to be direct. "Cordelia, don't you believe that avoiding Angel is the worst thing for the two of you if you are feeling something for him and he for you?"


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A day alone. [19 Feb 2006|03:00pm]

[ mood | irritated ]

With everything that happened, and with no customers rolling in, I found myself alone. It was a singularly shocking feeling for me. For almost one-hundred years, I had stayed in the shadows, coping with endless tortures in my mind and in my chest for what I had done in the past. I had avoided people and had lived off of the most disgusting nourishment that one could imagine.

All of that changed when I had been visited by Whistler, who had taken me to Sunnydale and showed me who Buffy was. When I had seen Buffy, I wasn't shocked by what she was, obviously. I had seen scores of slayers in my life, but there was something about her, something that I wanted to touch and that I wanted to help in any way that I could.

And, help I did. I became involved, even though it took me some time to get comfortable around her and her friends, but I still helped. There were some serious bumps along the way, but along that path, I learned what my mission was, and I no longer felt isolated. A time came to leave Buffy, and I did, coming to Los Angeles, where I knew that I could still help, but get away from Buffy at the same time, which I knew that I had to do.

Doyle had came upon me to guide me with visions and Cordelia had come into our lives, and slowly, it became easier to get over Buffy and still stick to my mission, without the isolation that had occurred. My feelings for Cordelia after Doyle had died, became apparent,. Buffy was still a part of my life, and would always be, and I still had strong feelings for her, but yet, when Doyle had tragically died, I was free to feel what I felt for Cordy, because I couldn't while Doyle, my friend, felt that way for her. I felt strongly towards her. Not as strong as I had for Buffy, but it was definitely something, and I felt like I was honoring Doyle's memory by showing Cordy how I felt, and not dishonoring it.

Then, Cordy and I kissed and things went downhill. I don't think that it was because the two of us. I think that if neither of us had wanted it, then it wouldn't have happened. Wesley's lack of desire to see me getting happy had created the rift that was there between me and Cordy, and it was as easy to feel as the texture of pig's blood in my throat. I just wanted a returen to normalcy, but she definitely was trying to avoid me and as we had a case to work on involving a vision that Cordy had of a little boy sleepwalking and something amiss there involving the family, when it came time to research, Wesley went to his books and instead of staying and talking to me, like I wanted Cordy to do, she decided to go with him, obviously not wanting to talk to me.

They went into the office, and now, I was alone again. For a little while, I waited near the door, just in case a customer came in with something that maybe I could help with either now using the tunnels, or tonight, when I could go out, but nobody came. I waited there a little longer, just in case Cordelia wanted to talk, but she never came to me, and since it was day and I had a case tonight, I decided to go to sleep.

I got into the elevator, trying not to brood, but once more, feeling alone. Maybe not as alone as I had been for nearly a century, but in some ways, it was worse, because I had felt that I had alienated Cordy, who was my only link left from Doyle, and was my new connection to the powers that be. My bed was comfortable, but it felt so big and empty, as it had so many times in the past, even if that bed had been a floor in a warehouse somewhere.

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So it seems..back to work talk. [10 Feb 2006|08:43pm]

[ mood | productive ]

I had forged upon something, confronted it, where I had seemed not wanted by Angel or Cordelia. My intentions were strictly preofessional, but now, I felt as though I had stepped in far above my head with the man who held my employ and the high school girl turned associate that had found her way to Angel, despite the distance from Sunnydale to Los Angles.

Doyle's death had left a void, and in that void, lay some of the reasons why things were the way that they were, and it didn't escape me that like Cordelia, but for obvious different reasons, I had too come from Sunnydale to Los Angeles. I had come in shame, trying to hold my head high with another purpose, in rogue demon hunting, but the fact of the matter remained, and it wouldn't be something that I would share, that I had been sacked by the Council and thus, berated by my father.

I turned that shame on Angel in Cordelia, to some measure, even though when I found that their lips had a tendency to lock, it wasn't out of the question. Both of them resented me for it, and it eventually led me to really and truly think about the curse itself. In the year that I had known Angel, I had come to know about the curse because of his then, to me, uncomfortable proximity to Buffy. In spite of that, it was only in the last several hours that I had really pondered upon the curse, which was a fascinating thing, for thinking about things like that, things that were hexing and pondersome, were my fortes.

In my thought processes, I realized that Cordelia and Angel sharing a kiss that could eventually lead to more would probably be more comforting if it led to more sooner, rather then later. Later on would mean that Angel would have time to fall in love and while it happened with Buffy and while it was true that true love might be only sopmething that one could find once in a lifetime, the odds of just casual sex making him lose his soul seemed rather proposterous to me. The Gypsies would not have cursed him and made it so easy to lose his soul.

I had made it known, after irrittating both of them, hoping that Cordelia and Angel would relax. I figured, most assuredly, that they would both take it as a asign that they could get intimate, and that they would not be so truly irritated with me for ever bringing it up in the first place.

Now, I found that Angel had changed the subject completely, and wanted to talk about Cordelia's vision, and the young boy who ha dbeen sleepwalking, named Ryan, who was nearly hit by the automobile. Angel suspected that it was the father that was the problem in the household and as the sun faded and darkness came of light, Angel would be going to a dinner in his honor, while I investigated the home to see what I could learn.

I was rather looking forward to getting in on the case, but not in this fashion; not with the two of them hardly saying anything. While that was somewhat commor for Angel, for Cordelia to be so mute didn't bode well...unless her words were annoying, which I dare say, on occassion, happened. I decided to make sure to stay away from the topic of kissing, sex and curses and stick to the case.

"Yes, the boy and the father. Interesting situation. You can't sense a demon, Angel, but can sense something out fo the ordinary. I'm rather fascinated to find out just exactly it is that we might be dealing with."

(Cordelia and Angel)

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Loves Hurts [02 Feb 2006|09:54pm]

[ mood | sad ]

So many things were being said. Angel was barely talking. Wes was babbling and piled on many topics. At this point, I just wanted to go home. I didn't want to be around these two.

Everything was going fine with me and Angel. We had a falling out the other night and patched things up. Things were said from both of our sides, but we put them behind us. Angel went out and saved the little boy in my vision, and he came back. He sent Wes out for the newspaper. We stood there talking and moving closer to each other. The next thing I know, we were kissing.

I can explain the kiss over and over again. It was that good. The kiss was soft and slow, at first. His mouth and my mouth played for dominance. He let me dominate for awhile, before he completely took over the kiss. At that point, he owned me. Let me tell ya. I was lost in the kiss. So lost, I think I forgot where I was for a moment. It made my feelings for Angel more. The fact that he was kissing me the way he did tells me that he had feelings for me. Plus, he mentioned about the feelings.

We were so wrapped up in the kiss that we didn't hear Wesley come back in. He stood there not too thrilled. Anyway, he gave us the full on curse speech, and Angel was angry about it, at first. Telling Wes to mind his own business. I said my part and even got in Wesley's face. Angel agreed on everything I said. It seemed to go all downhill after Wes and Angel were talking about how Buffy gave him perfect happiness and Wes was questioning if being with anyone else could give him that happiness. I turned to Angel and asked him if I could give him perfect happiness.

He said nothing. That silence told me everything. I didn't need to know anymore.

I tried to play it off, like it didn't bother me. Deep down, it was killing me, but Cordelia Chase does not breakdown in front of anyone. I wasn't trying to look vulnerable. I actually agreed with Wes that we should look into Angel's curse. It gave me a bit of hope, I guess.

Angel gave us his thoughts on that idea. You could say he killed the whole idea.

"I appreciate the need to want to research the curse, Wesley. The only problem with that, is that you aren't going to find the definitive answers that you are looking for. Do you think that I haven't researched it? For one hundred years I have had to deal with it. Do you think that in one-hundred years of fruitless searching, that you'll be able to find the answer, find the way for me to be happy and in love?"

I don't know. I think he's right. He has been able to do way more research than Wes will ever do. I mean, it's his curse. But, Wesley wasn't going to give up that easily.

"Well, there may not be a research guide to the curse, Angel, but rather, we can look at it from another angle."

I looked at Angel and plastered on a fake smile. "Another angle is always good. Wes could be right, you know? Maybe, you should let us do this for you." I couldn't take my eyes off of him, but I did. Looking at Angel was killing me inside. Just when I thought that conversation was over, Wes continues his speech.

Wes' SpeechCollapse )

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A quick break from Los Angeles. [29 Jan 2006|08:23pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I had met with the two lawyers, Lilah, who was stunning, and Lindsey, who was a pompous ass, and together, we had decided upon virtually nothing.

It seemed as though their firm, Wolfram and Hart, had some big plans for Angelus, or Angel, as he was now, in the future, and though both of the lawyers, the attractive one and the asshole one, didn't seem to mind me taking out Angel, their firm would be against it. I didn't understand that. I had come to make this as painful for Angel as possible after what he had done, in twice ruining my plans...Mr. up with people...I had come to them because the word on the street was that they hated Angel, and as I left, I not only wanted to drain Lindsey McDonald, but I also was left thinking that I would still deal with Angel in my own way.

It was probably going to be that way, but I realized that the best way for me to do that, the most painful way possible to stick it to Angel and his two associates, was to make them think that I was gone, was to make Angel believe that he had frightened me away from time. I knew Angelus better then most and now, he was the not so great private detective. He would look for me, and when he didn't find me, he would eventually believe that I was gone.

I smiled as I piloted the Porsche that I had taken from the yuppie accountant after drinking him, while I motored across interstate fifteen with the tinted windows protecting me from the desert sun, as I headed towards Vegas. I had never been to Vegas. I had found it all too sinning for my tastes. I was, after all, reared a Puritan. Vegas had always been too bawdy for me. I had always purposely circumvented it when going to Los Angeles the three prior times that I had ben there.

Now, Angel, again, with his up with people, he can't drink so none of us can, movement going on, I realized that he had taught me the best lesson of all, so far from the sire that I had known. He had taught me that I had been a hack, repeating everything exactly as I always had. I enjoyed sticking it to my overbearing human father, but he wasn't the issue anymore. No, the issue now was Angel. He would pay, and pay dearly, wathcing his human friends die first. They would suffer and would be left for him, side by side in their little office, and then, would be his time to die, while, because he was weak, all up with people, he would be grieving their losses and incapable of fighting me.

The Tropicana was my first stop. There would be a line of showgirls left behind on this night, but their faces wouldn't be theirs as I drained them. No, their faces would be that of Angel. Besides, showgirls were very much on my mind, because Ms. Lilah Morgan had left quite the impression. I almost didn't want to leave, because I wanted to take her sexually, and show her things that she couldn't imagine.

That too, could be promising in the future. Angel's death and Lilah beneath me, with Angel's human friends sprinkled dead on the side and all of that after a pleasant month or so in Vegas.

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